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OSX 10.11.2 good to go for H15? 2016年9月1日20:37


OSX 10.11.2 good to go for H15? 2016年9月1日20:19

If it makes you feel any better, Maya 2016 immediately crashes in Viewport 2.0 mode under Win10 with new Nvidia 1070 cards from both Asus and eVGA if we set one of our scenes to view textures, with Maya set to use OpenGL. It doesn't crash when set to DirectX but then the textures don't show up at all. I've got a Gigabyte or other vendor in my machine and though Maya 2016 is terribly unstable in general I don't have the graphics related crashes.

OSX 10.11.2 good to go for H15? 2015年12月15日18:26

AMD's really stepped up their game with OpenGL lately…

Do you mean for Windows (or linux)? I know on paper I've wanted to go AMD but been gunshy of driver issues. When I spec'd the 5820K + 780Ti I really wanted to get either an r290 or r295x2 for the potential OpenCL boost but blinked and went with the “safe” bet of a fairly fast Nvidia board.

I've held off building another system for at home, instead being temporarily satisfied with my GTX equipped laptop and my eye towards spending discretionary cash on car parts but if I was to build another desktop at home I'd go AMD if I could just feel comfortable with the driver situation.