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Character to BFX -> Unreal 2016年12月4日5:04

This is like christmas seriously, thank you.

Character to BFX -> Unreal 2016年11月27日5:07

Thank you Luiz, looking forward to it.

By the way are you doing GDC this year as well guys? Really liked the booth presentations last year.

Character to BFX -> Unreal 2016年11月26日5:12

Peter Stefcek
Still no support for this? I mean how can anyone take this software seriously when its missing such a crucial feature its pretty much useless for any Game Development. If I am forced to use another software for blendshapes I may as well use it for everything, only top tier AAA studios can afford pipeline with multiple software packages.

I will definitely not be renewing our licenses for next year until this is solved since Houdini has been practically sitting at the bench since we discovered you can't export blendshapes from it. Shame since otherwise its great software.
I think it would be more productive to contact support and get added on the corresponding RFE, as suggested here: []
and have a constructive discussion there about what would be needed for our pipelines.

Believe me I contacted them, I talked to them repeatedly even personally on various conferences like GDC where they are pushing Houdini heavily into gamedev and they always said they will have some solution soon. So sorry for my frustration here. I believe in this software and I really like it so much I even have my own personal license outside of company just so I can play with it at home as well. But doing such a massive push into gamedev without having sorted one of the basic pillars of gamedev such as blendshapes for such a long time is quite dissapointing and that is an understatement.

EDIT: Btw as your suggested I just requested to add this personal account to the RFE as well, just to pump up the numbers. You are right we need to push this awesome software anyway we can.