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Karma Darker result 2024年1月16日6:07

oo nice thanks for clearing that up

Karma Darker result 2024年1月15日5:17

sdr-video is a tone map that darkens the image; it can't be used with the expectation of color matching

I thought it was basically pushing it back to srgb as view-transform,

after I tell resolve that the footage is AcesCG and output transform is srgb I get one to one(as the Solaris and RS viewport)

So I'm left with the conclusion that SDR-video is srgb, but what I'm missing is why I am not getting one-to-one as the image.

On the other hand, why wouldn't they just name it srgb or rec709, I don't know. I'm probably missing something.

EDIT: ill try to do a revers transform in the mat

Karma Darker result 2024年1月14日17:34

I'm getting a darker render than the jpg that I'm trying to match, weirdly enough, when I switch to "untoned mapped."

I have a better representation than what the "sdr-video" gives me; I'm using the Houdini h20 config.
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