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Update existing baked blueprint instead of baking a new one? 2015年6月25日3:27

Whenever I clicked “Bake Blueprint” button, a new blueprint will baked static mesh appear. Is it possible to update an already baked blueprint with new static meshes instead of creating a new one every time.

Same goes baking static meshes, there should be a way to simply update to existing baked static mesh instead of always baking a new one.

Versions of Unreal Engine 4 2015年6月10日22:41

We always keep a copy of latest master branch build for testing new features and we working on latest 4.8 branch once it's in preview stage. (We pull latest commits from 4.8 branch daily to ensure always get the latest bug fixes)

I think Houdini Engine should always provide the integration for preview build, since the api of preview build is stable enough to port over.

BTW, 4.8 is just released.