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Multiple animation clip in GLTF export 2024年5月23日12:37

Hi guys,
I'm doing some fun testing with Babylon.js and Bavyengine (just having fun, nothing serious).
Is there a possibility to export more than one animation clip with Houdini's gltf export?
Thank you

Personal Animated Show 2024年3月21日18:15

Hi guys,
I present to you the first episode of "Journalism Techniques", my personal animated series created during free time.
Is a satirical series about the world of journalism.

All animation is done in Kinefx. I'm trying APEX for the next animations but I'm still having problems with the blend shape.

Render in Karma and Redshift (about 50-50%) all in Solaris.

Warning: the videos are in Italian with English subtitles but I did the translation with Google Translate (as this topic) and I cannot guarantee its correctness. If you find any disconnected sentences please let me know.

I am now looking for a good agency for translations and speaking in American English... if you know anyone please send me the contact.

The characters speak for themselves with the use of a simple wav file.


Queue multiple Solaris ROP nodes in Scheduler 2023年4月29日2:26

Hi Milen,
a year after your post I have the same problem.
However, I found a temporary solution:
Using the Husk utility you can schedule several .usd files with the '&' command:

husk usd_file & husk usd_file & .....

I hope to be proved helpful