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WIP - Cloth Pattern Tool [Houdini Utility] 2021年9月30日15:15

Just made a simple shirt and I'm very impressed. Great work! I'll put together a more complicated drape in the next few days for a real stress test.

WIP - Cloth Pattern Tool [Houdini Utility] 2021年9月30日10:39

Thank you all for your feedback. This month has been a challenge. This asset is my magnun opus
Published a post in the Best Houdini Utility Entries thread. You can test it

Best Houdini Utility Entries 2021年9月30日10:35

Hey All!

I'm glad to present my asset for creating clothes.


It seems to me that making a complex pattern is today's main problem of creating clothes in houdini. The current method for sewing different pieces of a pattern with vellum drape requires the same number of points on the seams.
There is an excellent planar patch node, which implements the ability to set the number of points on the edges of the shape, which is exactly what is needed for correct seams. But with it, we can only create incredible rectangles, trapezoids and circles, while clothing patterns are quite complex shapes.
So I decided to try to improve the situation with the patterns a little)

  • Pairwise resampling of curves to meet the requirements of vellum drape
  • Selecting seams with python state
  • Automatic sending of seams to vellum drape
  • Visualization of future seams using guides

Use cases

- Creating complex clothing patterns

Hope it will be useful to someone. [] - WIP is located here, most likely, I will post updates there [] - more examples
The video below is in Russian, there are subtitles