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More UI woes 2019年12月18日11:53

So this was indeed just a font issue, I'm not sure what font was needed but installing a random set of fonts fixed the issue. Now the UI is back to normal.

More UI woes 2019年12月17日15:32

Hi all,

I'm trying to install Houdini and my UI is all out of whack.
Here's an example of what the hkey dialog looks like.
This is a fresh linux install so I'm guessing I'm missing some font.
Note: The login dialog is impossible to read with such large fonts, the dialog size is fixed and the text unreadable.

Thanks in advance…

arch linux
Ryzen 9
Radeon WX 7100

Thanks in advance

HELP! URGENT!!! Saving a bgeo file 2011年12月8日4:51

select all the geometry and click extract on the shelf. This will place all the geometry into a new geometry node which you can manipulate.