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Mac Graphics Cards compatibility 2016年1月7日22:01

Thanks for that twod. Looking forward to AMD fixing this.

New imac 5k, macbook pro and houdini 2015年12月27日21:02

I've got an Imac 5k i7 4ghz with AMD M295X, so I only speak for this model.

The gfx card is not supported due to buggy OpenGL drivers in OSX. Though they might have been fixed in El Capitan 10.11.2 - I don't know yet, waiting for a response from Twod. See post; []

If you download the latest H15 daily build, Houdini crashes only sometimes now. The viewport is slow and becomes unusable with 100k> points.

Fingers crossed that the driver is fixed and multisampling will be re-enabled soon!

Mac Graphics Cards compatibility 2015年12月12日19:39

Twod, has AMD fixed their drivers for OSX El Capitan 10.11.2 yet?

If so, have you enabled multisampling in any of the H15 builds?