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Any houdini 19.5 rumors? 2022年6月23日14:08

It would be good if they changed the whole approach to houdini the u.i & u.x and make it fit solaris and karma in an elegant way and declutter the whole thing.

they need to make Houdini fun to use, and just adding more tools while keeping the program looking and feeling like 1990
won't do.

just my two cent

I know some old die hard fans won't like this idea but I am talking about younger generations of artist that want to have speed on their side.

Any rumours of Houdini 19? 2021年10月5日13:20

Obviously SideFX needs to revamp its U.I/U.X I have to jump between so many windows just to render. This is absurd. Material assignment and the material interface is such a drag visually. Parameter windows needs better organization not everything on the same hierarchy. Just making some text bolder than other to differentiate the operations can go a long way. What if you hover over a node and there is another icon that if you click it gives you an example of how to use that node in a small window.

These are things at the top of my head, what if improving houdini was my job? hummm.

Any rumours of Houdini 19? 2021年9月22日23:36

But I really hope they do their sneak peak well like every time! It’s way way way better than those “apple like talk videos” or those “boring half tutorial feature snippets” from the others

yeah weird half tutorials sucks, they should just teach us something from start to finish, instead of browsing through complicated setups and self promoting , it very cheesy and unclassy. do a webinar and have someone thats good teach something cool from start to finish including render etc.

love masterclasses thou