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How does "unreal_foliage" Attribute work ? 2023年2月9日9:33

By default, instances are just regular instanced static mesh components on an actor. With unreal_foliage = 1 they are added to the levels foliage system instead, which you can see when you go into the Foliage editor mode. If your unreal_instance attribute points to a Foliage Type object, it is treated as foliage automatically.

Cook something fast, bake something different that is slower 2023年2月9日9:31

Why not just use a toggle and switch node? You'll have one button press more but also give the user the option to see the final result before baking.

Best Houdini Utility Entries 2021年9月30日23:55

Hi everyone,

My submission is a Polyline Creation Utility. It's to be used as an input for a lot of spline related generators. It supports intersections and custom attributes per point. It could be used for many things, for example road networks, racetracks, plants, pipe generators... basically anything polyline based. The custom attributes help with setting up complex UI, for example if the banking of a road should be editable, if there should be fences etc.

This can also be used in combination with Houdini Engine and Session Sync. In the example of a racetrack generator, this could be really practical for fast iterations while keeping complex control.

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