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Houdini design update 2023年5月18日0:14

Ok-ok-ok, please SideFX just give those guys couple of optional skins in Color Settings and they'll be good.

However, improvements to the text / VEX editor could be appreciated.

I wish fewer people used the word "design" when they refer strictly to looks.
x10, thanks for pointing that out.

Force USD Preview Surface in OpenGL Viewer with 19.5 2022年8月25日14:58

In 19.5.353 there is an environment variable, HOUDINI_GL_USE_MATERIALX (defaults to 1) which can be set to 0 to completely disable the use of MaterialX shaders by Houdini GL.

Thanks, helped a lot 😊

AMD Radeon ProRender Solaris plugin 2022年8月19日5:45

Installed yesterday, huge fun for us unhappy Mac users w/o NVidia gpus, please kindly accept my gratitude for making it available for Solaris 😊

However just can't figure out the way to pass point/prim/vertex color properties. Could please someone point me to the right direction?
Thanks 😊