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no license for Mantra 2012年9月23日7:00

Yeah I have no problem having only 1 instance running at a time, but in the past you could fire off 3 renders and not attend to the machine again until they're all done (because multiple requests rendered in parallel). That functionality has been lost - now you have to manually render each pass sequentially. It would be a huge improvement, back to previous efficiency, if multiple render requests could organize themselves to render sequentially so that I could leave the PC and have lunch for example, and not hang around checking every few minutes and firing off the next render.

Character - Hitch 2012年9月14日22:23

Amazing.. so realistic.

upgrading license server? 2012年8月7日1:32

It sounds like you need to install a later version of Houdini as the license server (hkey) is bundled with Houdini…