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Python Script Book 2021年6月24日5:56

it is just a cn translation of official document.

you can find the origin at Python scripting []

Houdini's python document is really comprehensive so the translation has 1000+ page.

How to I read a key-value dictionary from an expression? 2020年11月7日21:30

one (unrelated) question zengchen, is there a deeper meaning why you use a string parameter

houdini expression can only recognise two type - string(chs) and float(ch).
dict parm can not be interpreted as a float type, so it need to be treat as a string parameter, the result is a JSON format string, can be loads(loads is a function) as a dict attribute use vex function.

How to I read a key-value dictionary from an expression? 2020年11月7日6:45

I have a method to read dict parm but must use Houdini 18.5's dict attribute and json function.

dict attr help []

Now houdini does not have expression to deal with JSON, so you need a wrangle to convert JSON to dict attr…
And then use dict attr to drive another parm.

However, there are no JSON-parsing expression functions, and limited string manipulation functions, to deal with such a string in an expression.

JSON loads vex function []