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このコースでは、実写映像への CG 要素の取り込みを含め、VFX ショットの制作工程を始めから終わりまで解説していきます。スタジオで働く FX アーティストになったつもりで、指示を理解して FX シーンの計画を立てるところから、各エレメントを作成して実写映像に取り込むまでの各工程を一緒に見ていきましょう。



I am passionate about computer simulations and technical training development. My recent visual effects work includes "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga", "Dune: Part Two", "Shazam! Fury of the Gods", "Meg 2: the Trench" as well as multiple TV series across Netflix, Amazon, National Geographic, and Epix. I am also a visual effects educator, delivering masterclasses and courses focused on SideFX Houdini in collaboration with VFX Mojo's partners across South East Asia, Sweden, Norway, France, and India.

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  • coolbreezeDW 1 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

    I wish I could give this a glowing review the shot concept is great and both are very talented artists. I was excited to dive into this "tutorial" but found it was more just a tour of the Houdini script and everything was pre-built. Based on the description "This course guides you through creating a VFX shot from start to finish, including integrating CG elements into live-action footage. Picture yourself as an FX artist in a studio, and join us as we navigate every step – from interpreting the brief and strategizing your FX scene to crafting each element and seamlessly blending them into real footage." This is not what I was expecting to see. I'm a compositor already and know how to use nuke, but found that portion was done more like what I was expecting. I'm trying to learn more about Houdini, not take a tour of it. Did I learn a few things from this? yes I did, it would have been better to have at the very least a step-by-step creation walkthrough of the dust and explosion instead of Here's this node and this is what I did. The other major issue is that the Houdini script didn't work as shown, I had to copy all the nodes out and paste them into a blank Houdini file to get it to work. I found that by doing this not everything was working as it should making this very frustrating that what she was showing wasn't what I was seeing. I tried two different machines and different versions of Houdini 20 but she wasn't clear as to what version of 20 she was using. When I learn more about Houdini I might circle back to the script and try to make my own version. Again great idea just poorly executed.

  • Arvan 1 ヶ月, 2 週間 前  | 

    SideFX, A 20GB download is extremly unreasonable to expect users to download - not everyone in the world has unlimited data/bandwidth much less a stable enough connection to download a single 20GB volume at once.

    Please revise the files and split out the actual .hip file(s) and geometry from the massive cache/texture/etc. data

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