To create 3D animation and VFX for Film, TV, Video Games and VR, you need a combination of technical and creative skills. Houdini is the perfect tool for bringing these worlds together as you explore, create and refine your projects from concept to final sign off. While Houdini has a wide variety of tools designed for generating CG content, its node-based procedural workflow is what sets it apart. This approach makes it easier for you to create directable shots, explore multiple iterations and hit deadlines. As you learn Houdini, understanding how to work with these nodes and networks will be important to your success.


This overview chapter contains general information about Houdini that will help you become familiar with important concepts and ideas. While you might not understand it all in your first pass, this chapter will be a valuable reference point as you build up your knowledge.

  • If you already work with 3D software then learning Houdini will be a transfer of existing skills. You will learn how to interactively build-up shots using the scene view and shelf tools, then how to work with the nodes and networks to take advantage of Houdini’s procedural nature. 

  • If you are new to 3D and Computer Graphics then Houdini is a great package to start with. The Foundations material assumes some general knowledge, therefore you may want to read up on CG concepts that you are unfamiliar with. In the end, Houdini will help you achieve a deeper understanding of what goes on under the hood of not only Houdini but other 3D apps as well.

Once you have finished the fundamentals, visit to find more tutorials. From the main menu, go to Learn > Learning Paths for a comprehensive list of available lessons created by SideFX and members of the wider Houdini community. There is lots of material for you to explore as you build and refine your Houdini skillset.


This is an updated chapter from the Houdini Foundations Book which was released with Houdini 16.5. 

New chapters are going to be released one by one in PDF format. A new print-on-demand book is not planned at this point.



Robert Magee is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SideFX who has been working with Houdini for 20 years. He has created lots of learning material and demos designed to help artists understand how going procedural with Houdini can benefit their work.

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    very nice

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    Great resource even for the well initiated. Very nicely put together. Thank you kindly!

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    guys, your pedagogy is too weak. not just because you created or master the software means you know how to teach. hire teachers with modern and efficient training.

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    I love it, it's a good go-to document for all beginners and intermediate users. You guys at SideFX know how to bring in more of the new users. Houdini is one of the most advanced programs out there and certainly one of the most addictive ones. I'm very grateful to the team for making effort to help us the beginners and intermediate users to make the most out of it.

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    Houdini’s mission: To make magic happen

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    Where can I find this information in Spanish? Can you please help me find it?

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    Marketing crap. Really awful documentation

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      It's not meant to be documentation, idiot

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    Greetings from the Pacific Island of Vanuatu!

    Indeed a very powerful industry standard tool. Well documented and knowledgable. Great work!

    Thank you so much!

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