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Robert Magee is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SideFX who has been working with Houdini for 20 years. He has created lots of learning material and demos designed to help artists understand how going procedural with Houdini can benefit their work.
Education  | Film/TV  | Gamedev


Toronto, Canada

Houdini Skills

Procedural Modeling  | Digital Assets  | Character Rigging  | Solaris  | Mantra  | Karma  | PDG
Pyro FX  | Fluids


I am currently employed at SideFX


obj-image Beginner
Foundations | KineFX リギング Fur Dude
obj-image Beginner
Foundations | 破壊 FX
obj-image Beginner
Foundations | PDG による都市構築
obj-image Beginner
Foundations | 地形の生成
obj-image Beginner
Houdini Foundations | ワイングラスの粉砕
obj-image Beginner
Houdini Foundations 書籍

My Talks

obj-image Houdini HIVE
The Secret Language of Houdini
obj-image Houdini HIVE
Procedural Level Building in UE4
obj-image Houdini HIVE
Procedural Assets for UE4
obj-image Houdini HIVE
Houdini Engine for Unity and UE4
obj-image Houdini HIVE
Houdini Foundations
obj-image Houdini HIVE
Houdini Foundations - Dynamics

Recent Forum Posts

Welcome 2023年12月5日12:29


I'm a college student interested in entering the Tech Art Challenge.

I use Apprentice but I was wondering if I could still submit to the Game Art asset category?
Will my entry still be reviewed even though I can't use my own tool in Unity/Unreal?


Your asset can be reviewed as a tool inside Houdini alone if you want.

Note that if you were to get a Student License you would be able to test your .hdanc files inside Unreal/Unity.

Welcome 2023年11月27日23:37

Hi Robert Maggie,
Is that consider to be a valid entire if we modify/incorporate/extend the houdini tool that is shipped from sidefx, for the Challenge.

That would be OK but the results would have to be a significant improvement to be considered as a winning entry/

Welcome 2023年11月17日14:51

Markus Raudaschl
Is one submission considered a single node or can the utility be a set of related nodes?

One entry could be a set of tools