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パイプラインのワークフローの管理には、Task Operator(TOP)を利用できます。TOP は PDG(Procedural Dependency Graph)と呼ばれるテクノロジを使って構築されています。PDG に基づいて作成されたワークフローは、TOP ノードを使用します。TOP ノードは、ローカルコンピュータまたは大規模な演算ファームにタスクを分散させるワークアイテムを生成します。

このレッスンでは、TOP ノードを使って都市マップを取得し、都市ブロックごとにビルを作成した後、このシステムを拡張してより複雑なビルや大規模な都市マップを処理できるようにします。Houdini アーティストであれば、SOP でこれを行う方法をご存知でしょう。しかし、TOP を使えば、PDG のワークフローを学びながら、複数のタスクを外部の演算ファームに分散して並列処理させられる、スケールが容易なシステムを作成できます。

The complete Houdini Foundations for Houdini 19.5 is also available as Downloadable PDF and a Print-on-Demand book through the Lulu Ebook company. This 224 page book contains 9 chapters designed to help artists take their first steps into Houdini.

Research for this lesson by Michael Buckley



Robert Magee is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SideFX who has been working with Houdini for 20 years. He has created lots of learning material and demos designed to help artists understand how going procedural with Houdini can benefit their work.

More from Robert Magee


  • TwinSnakes007 9 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    This level of detail is much appreciated- into the black box of pdg/tops. The sops synergy is an added bonus of even procedural options into existing sops workflows.

    SideFX has been killing it with these last series of tutorials that have come out - with PDF’s too boot!

  • j00ey 9 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    Thank you for this, it's very useful.

    One question - On my machine when I use the service cook-type, it runs through all the work items very quickly - except for 3, and which 3 varies. Does that ring any bells?

    • DennisSmolek 5 ヶ月 前  | 

      Did you ever resolve this?
      When I use "Out of Process" it runs 4 at a time ina pretty slow but steady pace.
      When I use the service it blazes through what looks like 10 at a time but then gets stuck on 6 and spins seemingly forever...

  • Quelltroi 9 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    Beautifully-designed pdf/book that reeks with vigor and a magnetic freshness.

  • chavinskyblahblah 9 ヶ月 前  | 

    the ImageMagick node are not work it gave me this ERROR: Could not find the ImageMagick executable

  • kenchen19 8 ヶ月, 4 週間 前  | 

    Hello, but I did not find the GeometryFile file referenced in the second tutorial in tops_lesson_start_geo.

    • Kokesh 7 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

      Yes, my "geo" file is empty too. Tried to download repatedly but with the same result. Any idea?

    • Kokesh 7 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

      Problem solved -> I saved the project in a different file than the original lesson. So I found the new "geo" file in the new one I made.

  • vinyvince 8 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

    Thanks, it's cool but i feel it's very similar tutorial has already been published. I would like more advanced than redundant basic content, like the machien learning tutorial posted few year agos which some parts were also skipped

  • cliffordart3d 4 ヶ月 前  | 

    Would love to follow this one along but it looks like the geo folder provided is empty

    • rmagee 3 ヶ月, 4 週間 前  | 

      All the geometry is generated during the lesson - there are four images of street grids that you will use to generate the city blocks and then the buildings themselves.

  • buse.duz 3 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

    the ImageMagick node are not work it gave me this ERROR: Could not find the ImageMagick executable, i am getting the same error any reaason it could be that?

  • derekthegood1 3 ヶ月, 2 週間 前  | 

    I really appreciate all the exercise. Everything works except for the imagemagick node. I too, get an error:
    [22:44:58.723] Running with PID 42472
    [22:44:58.724] ERROR: Could not find the ImageMagick executable

    Using what I learned thus mar, I LMB clicked and confirmed that all input files were being generated, but the output file is missing.

    The expected output says it should be

    My guess is that since all 4 files are being generated with the correct text overlay, there must be some issue with the node execution

  • hitariq 1 ヶ月, 2 週間 前  | 

    Thank you so much for the lesson, however I am a stuck at the second video where you use the file node to enter '@pdg_output'. That is not working for me.

    • mattiacon92 1 ヶ月, 2 週間 前  | 

      Hi, did you manage to sort this out? I am having the same issue. Trying to understand whether that's happening because I am using the Apprentice version.

    • HArrCorr 1 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

      i think you have the wrong symbol. try grave accent `@pdg_output`

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