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obj-image Quick Tips
Redshift | Instance Random Objects To Particles
obj-image Quick Tips
Redshift | Instance Objects To Particles
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Procedural Truss Support System
obj-image Quick Tips
Creating Directable Point Motion using only VEX

Recent Forum Posts

HDA - Redshift Asset Setup 2021年11月16日11:27

Hey folks. Just sharing an HDA I made to make the process of setting up an asset in a scene for Redshift a little easier. Quality of life type thing. It's basic but it saves a great deal of time when setting up new scenes.

  • Right click and "allow editing of contents" to use it properly.
  • Notes inside explain usage.


Fixing topology on deforming mesh from fluid sim 2021年11月7日14:40

I'd like to bump this post. I am seeking a solution to the same problem. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

H19 Flipbook Slow Performance 2021年11月4日8:24

Hey folks.

I noticed in the current production build that generating a flipbook is incredibly slow compared to earlier versions. I did a simple animation that plays just fine in real time on the timeline. When I invoked the flipbook it was taking more than a second per frame.

One object. Smooth wired shaded. Default head lamp. Low poly.

Anyone else having this issue?