VEX is one of the most popular parts of Houdini recently and has become a really essential skill for TDs and Houdini FX Artist, in this Course you'll learn really useful techniques to take advantage of Houdini's VEX language.

Since the introduction of the VEX language in Houdini, it has been growing and recently it has become and essential part on the tool belt of FX TDs, Houdini Artists and everyone else that seeks to to custom tools using Houdini.

In this 10 part course you'll learn the in and outs of VEX from the very basic to the really advanced effects.As always this course is thought in a really simple way, with concepts any person can understand and builds upon previous lessons so by the end you have everything you need and you really understand what is happening.By the end of this 10 week long course you'll feel really confortable with VEX to continue developing your skill and the tools you need for production.

Some previous coding experience will help you.

TOTAL DURATION : 8:42 hours



Varomix has created a vast library of Houdini training over years. Recently he has started on his own venture with MIX Training, a training and community resource for Houdini, Unreal Engine, Python and much more. He also works as a procedural artists at AI.Reverie, building worlds to aid computer vision algorithms. If that alone is not enough, Varomix also find a little escape through his metal band WEYEZ.

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  • anon_user_75466869 4 年, 9 ヶ月 前  | 

    Hola Varomix,
    creo que tu entiendes el español asi que te escribire asi.

    me gustaria mucho aprender hacer algo simple y similar a la caracteristica de esta presentacion, es fascinante ver pasar paneles vivos con codigos y todo lo demas !
    me dejaste encantado.


    • varomix 4 年, 9 ヶ月 前  | 

      Hola, gracias
      si te refieres a el video en si de la presentación, eso lo hicimos en after effects
      es muy sencillo, busca tutoriales de after effects

  • anon_user_75466869 4 年, 9 ヶ月 前  | 

    gracias ,es un excelente trabajo realmente el que tu tienes.
    te agradezco la recomendacion.
    y ademas seguramente dentro de poco estare en tu Patreon : )


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