This video series teaches how to build a white box to placement point system. It explains the system from a high level and won't go into the step by step building. The system shown was made for a year 2 nhtv art project aimed at making procedural artists work together with level designers.

01 | Overview

This video is an overview of the whole project. In it you will find the project brief, goals and a short showcase of the whole system. In this video series a explanation is given on how to build a white box to placement point system.

02 | Merging FBX Files

This video will cover the first section of the system: importing fbx files into a single node using python.

03 | Cleaning Geometry

The video above showcases a way to take messy geometry (in this case generated by unreal) and clean it up.

04 | Adding a Grid

This part will cover a method to apply a grid to odd shapes whilst also adding in doors.

05 | Placement Points

In this video the placement point system will be covered. This section takes care of making points that can later be used to place assets..

06 | Arches (Work in Progress)

This video will cover a way to place items (in this case arches) on previously made placement points using attributes.



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  • eyeclick 5 年, 7 ヶ月 前  | 

    If this was step-by-step as opposed to an overview, it would be definitely be on my buy list.

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