Graphics Hardware Requirements

Houdini requires an OpenGL 4.0 compliant graphics card. 4GB VRAM or more is required.

Supported Pro Graphics Cards

  • NVIDIA RTX 6000, RTX 5000, RTX 4000
  • NVIDIA Quadro GV100
  • NVIDIA Quadro P6000, P5000, P4000
  • NVIDIA Quadro M6000, M5000, M4000, M2000
  • NVIDIA Quadro K6000, K5000
  • NVIDIA Quadro K5200, K4200, K2200
  • NVIDIA Quadro 6000

  • AMD  WX 9100, WX8200, WX 7100, WX 5100 , WX4100, WX3200, WX3100
  • AMD Radeon Pro SSG
  • AMD W9100, W8100, W7100, W5700, W5500, W5100
  • AMD W9000, W8000, W7000, W5000

Supported Consumer Graphics Cards

  • NVIDIA GEForce 1080, 1070, 1060
  • NVIDIA GEForce 980, 970
  • NVIDIA GEForce Titan, Titan X, Titan Black
  • NVIDIA GEForce Titan Z (single GPU for rendering or compute only)
  • NVIDIA GEForce 780 Ti, 780, 770, 760
  • NVIDIA GEForce 690

OpenCL 1.2 is no longer supported with the latest driver for Fermi architecture cards.


(Quad buffer stereo not available on GEForce cards)

    Supported Intel Graphics

    • Intel Iris, Iris Pro (all models)
    • Intel HD Graphics P5700, 5600, 5500, 5300
    • NOTE: It is very important to get the absolute latest driver for Intel cards from the Intel website. Without them, you'll experience hangs/crashes.
    • NOTE: Intel cards are NOT supported on OSX. See below for Supported OSX Graphics cards.

    Mobile GPUs

    • Mobile GPU should be mid-to-high end, performance-wise, for production work. 
    • Mobile equivalents of supported pro and consumer level cards are recommended
    • Card must be OpenGL 4.0 compliant, Minimum 4GB VRAM required.
    • (OpenCL 1.2 is no longer supported with the latest driver for Fermi architecture cards.)

      Supported OSX Graphics Cards

      • NVIDIA Quadro K5000

      • AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64
      • AMD FirePro D700
      • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB

      Supported Windows/Linux Drivers

      • NVIDIA Quadro/GEForce 390 or higher
      • AMD 20.Q1 or higher
      • Intel or higher.