SideFX is a world leader in the development of 3D animation and visual effects software for use in film, commercials and video games. SideFX's award-winning Houdini software utilizes a node-based procedural approach which provides students a deeper understanding of computer graphics while introducing them to concepts and workflows which can be applied immediately to real-life production scenarios. 

Game and film studios are looking for artists that can create the most original content at the fastest rate and there’s only one tool that can deliver. Other software limits the controls of the artist in order to reduce complexity, but Houdini embraces it. 

The SCAD Atlanta Visual Effects Department is committed to teaching each student what they need to succeed in a highly competitive field. Houdini continues to be an important part of this student training because of its powerful effects tools and its procedural workflow.

by Clarke Stallworth, SCAD Atlanta Visual Effects Professor 


If you want to go to a school that teaches Houdini be sure to check out our Schools List.  If your school doesn’t teach Houdini yet then be sure to refer them to this site.  There is a growing community of Houdini educators and we look forward to adding your school to our list of certified schools in the future.           

We believe in connecting learning to life!

 We want to create meaningful partnerships and enable instructors to educate with a purpose. To us this means giving to the community by connecting studios with student talent. Here are a few initiatives we are offering to instructors and students that we would love to talk to you about:

Certified School Program

We aim to recognize schools who have a robust Houdini program and this means promoting their efforts, sponsoring contests and introducing them to our network. Ask us how to become certified!



We are looking to build channels between schools teaching Houdini and our studio partners. We also offer Houdini internships at SideFX to students who want to amp up their skills before moving into the industry.


Special Initiatives to Support Instructors!


Want to tool up the skills? Invite us to give a bootcamp to you and yours students. We can set up a 2-3 day intensive course on a range of topics (VFX, modeling, rendering, games). 

Web Series

In this series educators share knowledge of how they are using Houdini to teach, what is working in terms of projects and resources that help students learn. This takes place the last Wednesday of every month .

Education Software

SideFX also has a dedicated Education edition for use in school labs. This version has more features and integrates well with other software your school may be using. It also gives you access to render tokens and can be used to teach Houdini the right way.