These Demo Reels feature the amazing work of Houdini customers worldwide. Congratulations to all the artists and studios responsible for these fantastic shots!


The Female Bather
Dimitris Ladopoulos
Generative Art
Muhammad K Ahmed
NarrowBand Flip Test
Tian Qiu
Abstract figure/portrait
Paul Corfiled
DLA - Diffusion Limited Aggregation
Dimitris Liatsos
Mixing Paint
Building collapse RnD
Rafał Rumiński


UV Flatten | Sew UVs with Pre-existing Seams

This video will show how you can sew UVs on a geometry with pre-existing seams, using UV Flatten. Be sure ...

UV Flatten | Cut, Sew, Align & Straighten

This video will cover the modes within UV Flatten, which allow you to cut seams, sew seams, pin vertices, align ...

HDA2UE Procedural Texture Baking

In this Video i show how to bake procedural textures from an Houdini Engine HDA in UE UnrealEngine. Just a ...

Keyframe Functions, Extrapolations, and Box Handles

Really, really simple demonstration/overview of some of the different keyframe functions and Extrapolations (how to extend the animation behavior pre/post ...

Houdini Engine to Unreal Engine Workflow

Make Procedural Assets to accelerate content creation for Unreal Engine Using Houdini the amazing procedural tools found in Houdini, then ...

Environment Variables

In this post I will show flexibility and usefulness of environment variables. I will explain how to access and manage ...

VEX Tips & Tricks

In this collection of VEX snippets I will demonstrate usage of various areas of VEX scripting language. I am demonstrating ...

Navigation Tools

comprehensive guide to navigation inside houdini. Hello, This is my first video tutorial, and i would like to share it ...

Measure Distance Tool

We create a simple yet handy measure distance tool here. It simply displays the distance between two objects.

Rigging Series - 02 Head, Eyes & Neck

In Part 2, we will work on the Neck, Head and Eyes. We will add 'space switching' to the Head ...