Are you an educator looking to empower your students and to build a program that will impress the industry? We want to support you in all the ways we think matter, including instructor guides and office hours.

Instructor Guides

Houdini Insight is an LMS for integrating Houdini into your classroom which includes a growing list of instructor guides. 


Office Hours

These are regular sessions where you can ask questions or get tips and tricks about Houdini from technical experts. 


Instructor Licenses

We offer FREE Education Licenses for qualified instructors looking to evaluate Houdini for use in their classroom.




The Houdini Insight LMS [Learning Management System] is an online community primarily designed for educators who have 10 or more licenses in their lab and are incorporating Houdini into their program. This learning system provides access to educational material that can be used to develop personal skills while supporting teachers in the classroom. The LMS offers a wide range of tools for the Houdini Education community to share resources and learn as a group.

Here are some of the features available in the Houdini Insight LMS:

COURSE CATALOG - Choose from a growing list of courses to properly align your learning to the needs of your students. 

COURSE PROGRAMS - Once you join a course, you will have access to a curated list of material, including suggested course outlines and videos.

VIDEO LESSONS - Video lessons are available to explore each topic. Completing each video advances your progress though the lesson.

ANNOTATED .HIP FILES - Completed scene files with the Network View annotated, gives instructors a full understanding of Houdini at work. 

VISUAL GUIDES - Courses may include visual guides that can be used by instructors and students to support the work being completed in Houdini.

RESOURCES - The Resource section gives you access to a wider selection of material that have been organized for easy access. 



SideFX hosts Houdini Office Hours on a semi-weekly basis. These are informal sessions where you can ask questions or get tips and tricks about Houdini. You can submit scene files in advance or simply join us to listen in as Houdini content experts and instructors discuss ideas.

Office Hours are on Wednesdays with rotating times so that we can accommodate different time zones. We announce upcoming sessions via our mailing list, and if you miss a session, we post the recordings on Houdini Insight. 

To participate, please contact us and we’ll send you a link to join.



To make it easier to get started with Houdini at your school, FREE Education Licenses are available for instructors at qualified educational institutions who are looking to evaluate Houdini for use in their classroom.