Houdini COPs for Games | Mike Lyndon

Posted Dec. 11, 2017

SideFX Games TD Mike Lyndon will start with the basics for anyone who hasn't used Houdini's compositing nodes, otherwise known as COPs before, or has some experience with Nuke. He'll then dive into more and more complex examples that show how COPs can work with other contexts in Houdini to create game art. 

  1. Introduction to COPs - setting up your environment. 
  2. Same node different name - Nuke to COPs. 
  3. Basic image manipulation and colour correction. 
  4. Working with cryptomattes. 
  5. Loading and working Photoshop files. 
  6. Feeding COP outputs into materials. 
  7. Populating a texture with geometry attributes.
  8. Normalising images. 9. Using COPs like an offline fragment shader.