Posted Oct. 04, 2017

On Monday, October 2, 2017 we hosted the "Procedural in Motion" event at London's Rich Mix venue - featuring educational sessions on procedural 3D workflows for advertising and motion graphics - plus an industry discussion panel with professionals from The Mill, Electric Theatre Collective, Glassworks, Sky, and Jellyfish Pictures.

Entagma | VEX in Motion Graphics

As we all know, there's a lot to learn with Houdini - there is so much information to be discovered, understood and organized. The many different contexts make it quite hard to follow a straight learning path. But there is one thing in Houdini that can be used consistently throughout the application. VEX. The rosetta stone. Entagma's Manuel and Moritz explain how using VEX, despite common belief, might be the surefire way to success in mastering Houdini. Setups and ideas from numerous real world projects at Aixsponza that were created for Nike Inc. illustrate how to use VEX to max out on creativity and efficiency.

Houdini FX | Helge Maus 

Motion Graphics setup with Particles and Rendering Setup in Houdini for AEX POP Networks, VEX Solver, Mantra Setup, Multipassing with ImagePlanes. Helge talks about the procedural nature of Houdini, how to work from a prototype solution to an heavy particle system. Instancing. Mantra PBR Materials and Mantra Render-Setup with Image Planes (Multipassing) and comping in AEX - Simulation workflow as solutions for problems in C4D Helge uses a typical C4D product visualization scene (Coffeemaker with beans and fluids). There Helge shows how to get the scene from C4D to Houdini, setup a simple DOP for the beans and fluid. The message here shows, how easy simulations are set up in Houdini and how to export them as ABC (ALEMBIC) and with Houdini Engine to render directly in C4D.

Simon Holmedal | Abstract FX

In this presentation Simon talks about his design philosophy, and how he uses Houdini to create abstract effects. He will show some of his assets in action and how they have used across multiple projects. We will also go behind the scenes on a couple of shots and break down some of the designs.

Jeff Wagner | Proceduralism in Motion Graphics

This lecture looks at procedural modelling, procedural population and procedural deformation and growth systems, while using common iconic Houdini operators, basic scripting and data wrangling. The idea of no keyframes in Houdini is the norm. With a vast array of primitive types from particles to polygons, from meatballs to vdb volumes, along with over 1000+ nodes, there is a world of options awaiting the clever Houdini artist. Houdini is the one generalist tool that can span from compositing through to animation and rendering all the while keeping everything procedural with complex dependencies all resolved for you as you build up your work. This makes for a robust, predictable system with over 30 years of industry smarts built in to it.

PANEL: The State of the Advertising Industry

Moderator: Cristin Barghiel Participants: Lawrence Parkhurst (SKY), Will MacNeil (The Mill), Simon French (ETC), Tim Bolland (Glassworks), Pétur Breki Bjarnason (Jellyfish Pictures)