FX Animation




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FX Animation School in Barcelona constantly strives to build a strong skill set for their students, allowing them to immediately get up and running with a career in the industry. To accomplish this, they task students with real-world projects that also help them to quickly build effective demo reels that they can use to impress prospective employers.

Students here are provided with a fully formative experience that transcends what can be accomplished from sitting only in front of a computer. They will be exposed to the entire FX Supervisor experience, shooting HDRIs with DSLR cameras, motion-capture, on-set supervision,and more. This provides students with a clearer understanding of the bigger picture and a better grasp of resolving pipeline-related issues. They will also learn how to build custom FX tools, utilize Python scripts, and an assortment of other useful skills that are required from today's FX TD.

Houdini is the primary learning tool that is put in front of students during their final year of the VFX program as it allows their students to get acquainted with many of the workflows that they will encounter in high-end studios.