How do i use the non-graphical License Administrator?

The License Administrator (hkey) is a GUI-based utility. You can use the command sesictrl to perform some of the operations that the License Administrator does. These operations are:

Please refer to this FAQ to access the Houdini command line tools.

To view the available options, just type:


The easiest way to install license entitlements is to run:

sesictrl redeem

You will be prompted for your licensing email login and password. After you are logged in, you can follow the instructions given to you.

To generate the license diagnostic file:

sesictrl diagnostic

To return licenses:

sesictrl return-license LicenseID

To manually install keystrings that have already been generated:

sesictrl install keystring

A new keystring begins at the keyword: SERVER, LICENSE, INCREMENT, UPGRADE or EXTEND.

For more information on how to have keystrings generated, read the section How do I install licenses without Internet Access.