How do I license individual workstations?

When not configuring a central license server and licensing individual machines, by starting Houdini for the first time or without a license, you will be prompted to install either:

License Prompt

  • Apprentice (free) license
  • Paid License

Choose the second option: I have a paid license for Houdini and click Next.

  1. Press the License Settings button to start the License Administrator (hkey).
  2. Press the Login to get started button or go to File->Login.
  3. Press the Check for Entitlements to install button or go to File->Install Licenses.
  4. The machine will only need the Quantity 1 of each license.


Any extra Render or Engine licenses may be installed onto render nodes.


  • The License Administrator (hkey) displays the licenses installed on the local machine.
  • If you cannot login to your account to install licenses, try resetting the password.