How can Students purchase Houdini Education licenses?

Students can purchase Houdini Education licenses directly from our website, if they are verified as a legitimate, current student of a school or training center that grants diplomas, degrees or certificates.

Accepted schools/training centers include: high schools (or secondary schools), colleges, universities, vocational schools and recognized training centers.

The verification process is completed with a 3rd-party application called Proxi.ID.

This application does not store any contact details, but ensures that the potential purchaser is a legitimate student by using each school’s login system for validation.

Upon reaching “Checkout” on, you will be presented with these screens, from which you can either:

(a) Type your school’s name (or your school issued-email address) and select your school from the dropdown list.


(b) If your school is NOT listed, enter your school-issued email address to be sent a custom verification code.


(c) If your school is NOT listed, and you do NOT have a school-issued email address, please complete the support form at the bottom of this page, or send an email to See further instructions at the bottom of this page.


Checkout Steps

​You will be asked to provide one of the following:

  • Image of your dated school ID (with current date)
  • Image of your class registration
  • Image of your class schedule
  • Image of your school bill
  • Link to your institution’s publicly accessible web page or web directory that proves your academic status

Should students encounter any issues with the verification system, please let us know and we will contact Proxi.ID to work on a solution.