How can I install licenses without Internet access?

If you do not have internet access from the machine running Houdini, you will need to use a second machine with internet access to acquire your licenses.

  1. From the license server machine, run the License Administrator (hkey)
  2. Click on the Server Information tab and record the server name and server code
  3. From the machine with internet access, log into : using your SideFX website login (you may need to link it with your licensing login).
  4. You will see a full license history for your account
  5. Click on "Redeem License Entitlements" and enter quantities beside the licenses to redeem
  6. Select an existing server from the list of server names and server codes, or add a new server by entering the server name and server code. Make sure that you choose the correct Server to redeem the licenses to!
  7. Click on Redeem Entitlement
  8. You should now have the keystrings at the top of the web browser page.
    Save the license keystrings to a file
    A keystring begins with the word SERVER, LICENSE, INCREMENT, UPGRADE, or EXTEND
  9. From the license server machine, open the License Administrator (hkey)
  10. Select File -> Manually Enter Keys... From H19, Select File-> Import Licenses and then click on the Manual Install button.
  11. Copy and Paste each key either from the web browser or from your saved file into a text box using Ctrl+V and press OK

Make sure you copy the entire keystring. Failing to do so will cause Houdini not to function.

Each keystring needs to be entered on a separate line in the License Administrator GUI.

A new keystring begins at the keyword: SERVER, LICENSE, INCREMENT, UPGRADE or EXTEND.