How do I upgrade my Houdini license?

Active Indie and Education subscriptions are entitled to upgrades.

Commercial customers are entitled to upgrades to those licenses on an active annual support plan (AUP) or rental.
If you have full Commercial licenses and do not have upgrades, please contact your account manager.

If you are using SideFX as the license server, the licenses will be automatically upgraded to the latest version.
Just install the latest version of Houdini and launch.

If you have installed licenses directly to the computer itself, it is not enough that you install the latest Houdini release.
You need to apply the upgrades to your installed licenses. You may run older versions of Houdini with the latest released license.

Using the License Administrator is the easiest way to upgrade licenses installed locally to your computer.
Please ensure you are running the most recent version of Houdini.

The minimum version of the license server (sesinetd) to recognize Houdini 20.0 keystrings is 19.5.561.

  1. Download and install the latest Production Build or the latest Daily Build.

  2. Launch the License Administrator on the machine with the licenses to upgrade.

  3. Select File->Login to log into your SideFX licensing portal.

  4. Select File->Install Licenses to view your license entitlements.

  5. Press the Select All button to select the licenses to upgrade.

  6. Press the Install button. This will apply the upgrades to the currently installed licenses.

Upgrades available for installation:

Indie Upgrade

After the upgrades have been applied:

Indie Upgraded

If you are having problems logging into your account through the License Administrator, please see the section I can't log into the License Administrator.