Which licenses are needed to run which product?

The following table illustrates shows the license string required for each product type:
Note: Renderer is Mantra renderer.

License Category Product Name Product License String Default Qty
Commercial Houdini FX Houdini FX 1
Renderer 5
Karma Renderer 5
Houdini Core Houdini Core 1
Renderer 5
Karma Renderer 5
Houdini Engine Houdini Engine 1
Renderer 1
Karma Renderer 1
Houdini Engine for Unity/Unreal Houdini-Engine-PlugIn-Free 1
Limited Commercial Houdini Indie Houdini Indie 2
Renderer (Non-Commercial) 2
Karma Renderer (Non-Commercial) 2
Houdini Engine Indie Houdini Engine Indie 1
Renderer (Non-Commercial) 1
Karma Renderer (Non-Commercial) 1
Educational Houdini Education Houdini Education 1
Houdini FX (Non-Commercial) 1
Renderer (Non-Commercial) 10
Karma Renderer (Non-Commercial) 10
Houdini Engine Education Houdini Engine Education 1
Renderer (Non-Commercial) 1
Karma Renderer (Non-Commercial) 1
Non-Commercial Houdini Apprentice Houdini FX (Non-Commercial) 1
Renderer (Non-Commercial) 1
Karma Renderer (Non-Commercial) 1

About Houdini product keystrings

A new keystring begins at the keyword: SERVER, LICENSE, UPGRADE or EXTEND.

The SERVER keystring is a keystring which authenticates the computer to run Houdini licenses.

A Houdini product keystring begins with the word LICENSE. The LICENSE keystring has an ID associated to it called the License ID. This is how we track the product, quantity, version, expiry, and support status of the license.

Action keystrings begins with UPGRADE or EXTEND or CHANGEIP. These are applied to a currently installed License ID (or, product keystring).

When you return a license, you must return the License ID itself. This will return the product keystring.