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The Animationsinstitut offers training in the study specilizations Animation, Visual Effects, Technical Directing, Animation/Effects Producing and Interactive Media, all of which are part of the Film + Media program.

Depending on the chosen specialisation, it is possible to start studying in the basic studies as well as in the project studies:

A direct entry into the basic studies is possible in the area of Animation (Animation Artist or Effects Artist) and Interactive Media. For the application to the basic studies, a university entrance qualification and a total of 12 months of practical experience in the field of film and media must be presented.

Depending on previous experience it is also possible to enter directly into the project studies of Animation and Visual Effects. In order to qualify, applicants should hold a degree in a relevant subject area.

Animation/Effects Producing, Technical Directing and Interactive Media are offered as postgraduate studies. Candidates must hold a first degree received by a university or equivalent institution (Bachelor, Master or Diploma) and provide proof of practical experience of approx. 6-12 months.

Training at the Animationsinstitut is hands-on and project-related. The students receive support through seminars, weeklies and mentoring as well as individual supervision. After successfully completing their studies, students receive the Filmakademie’s diploma.