Particle Fluid testing

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Although I'm not really into particle and animation in Houdini, but I was pretty curious and interest specific on the particle fluid node. So I grabbed an existing model from server bank (butterfly), animated it and start to play with the particle simulation and fluid forming. It then took my attention of it's quite boring by just simulating a butterfly withouth anything to cache collide , therefore again I re-edit few animated sequence mesh (chicken and flower) for the particle to cache.

The background image was a still image found from internet, but it doesn't looks convincing if the sky is not moving at all. Therefore i began to montouch and color grad a sequence footage of sky, mask out the tree and field to reduce color value and create some fake depth, and finally combined both as in one peace as background.

When it comes to composite, the grass ground was totally fake as it is just an image back plate, so we'll still can sees the fluid doesn't actually collide the grass which i'm thinking whether to spend time re-simulate the particle again. It's really painful decisions as my working station is not power enough for particle playing. It took me 4 hours +++ just to rob out the splitting fluid part….

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