Spread uv islands with overlapping

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I have overlapped uv islands scaled proportionaly to surface area.
All of them are placed on bottom, left.
Is there any way to procedurally spread them over uv area without changing scale or rotation?
With overlapping of course.

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You could use the UV Layout SOP, turn off axis alignment, fixed scale to 1 and no rotations and let it create UDIMs.
Then use a vertex wrangle and modulo the uv.x position back into 0-1 range:
@uv.x = @uv.x % 1;

If your target is rendering, then you can also keep the UDIMs without the overlapping step. Afaik all renderers will use the uvs as if they were in 0-1 space unless you specifically tell them to go for UDIMs.
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