Unity Instances & Tree Prototypes doesn't work together

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I have a terrain, im trying to scatter Rocks & Trees on it,
for the rocks I use the Unity Instance attribute, and it works nicely.
for the trees I use the tree prototype attributes (unity_hf_tree_prototype + index, unity_hf_treeinstance_prototypeindex) and I get the trees scattered on the terrain.

the problem is when I try to use them together, the rocks is no longer scattering on the terrain.
I think it might be because at some stage of the Houdini network I merge the rocks points with the terrain so the points are getting the "unity_hf_treeinstance_prototypeindex" attribute and its set to the default value of 0.

is there a way I can export 2 outputs from the HDA? one for the terrain and tree points & one for the rocks?

I tried creating another HDA to take in the terrain & regenerate the rocks points, but I cant do that because by the time the terrain is reaching the output, i need to clear layers like roads etc so they wont register as texture layers.

any suggestion about how to solve this issue?
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Hi, if you could send me the HDA that you are using, I can take a look at your issue.

In the meantime, you can use output nodes to have multiple outputs (One using tree prototypes, and one using unity instances). Make sure you get the output node fix that prevents a few unnecessary duplicate outputs in Houdini 18.5.744.
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