Need tips on a particular node I created in school

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Hello, I'm new to houdini and could use some help on a new node that I've created. I created a sort of "Legofy" node that changes objects into legos, and with that some shortcuts in the object menu to change the object that is being legofied,an option to use a texture or a specific color on said object, and an option to make the object build itself in a animation which also includes speed that an animator would be able to modify, would anyone want to change the speed. In addition to these options, I was wondering if people with experience have any ideas of things that could be added to make an animator's life easier, any options I could add that would be helpful to someone using my Legofy node. Maybe an option to make the object drop and explode into tiny pieces or something of the sort, a way to simulate that is if the object was underwater perhaps, or in a zero-gravity environment?

I don't necessarily need the how to do it, just the ideas are fine, however if you do have the time to say how I can do the things you propose, I would greatly appreciate it as I am new and might need the push more than I know.

Thank you.
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Hi Maxipad

I am neither an animation specialist nor a LEGO guy at all, but do you know about these tools

- [] opensource has github
- []
- [] online editor

maybe your creativity could be sparked when you have a look at what they offer, or even better, what they lack...

Maybe even the other way round would also be an option for you.
Read in a save file from one of the above, and build the model.

Or you could try to create a BOM (Bill of Materials) meaning which official bricks are needed to build the legofied object in the worst game engine with the best graphics... (real life, that is! *SCNR*)
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