HoudiniEngine in Unity - HeightFields scatter attributes

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Hello, I would like to ask about the attributes needed to control Tree instances in Unity. Based on the documentation I defined 'unity_hf_tree_prototype' point attribute as well as 'unity_hf_treeinstance_prototypeindex' attribute which works (see the image from Unity) but when I try to use pscale and orient attributes to drive orientation and scale of these scattered objects it doesn't seem to react in Unity at all. Would you have any idea why please? In Houdini seems to work as intended (see image from Houdini).
Thank you in advance for any advice!

houdini_Sa0GJmOcVG.png (1.0 MB)
Unity_pAHhhZ3sNU.png (1.8 MB)
houdini_TW2B2tG1hu.png (18.5 KB)
houdini_OcHl0VY7Tr.png (22.9 KB)

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