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I am having a first go at grooming. I am currently working on a polar bear. When looking at reference (which I attached below) I noticed a kind of clumping which I can't seem to replicate. Usually a clump shape is circular, these clumps seem more oval. They create a more layered effect.

I am aware I can change the clumping profile, but I would like to be able to control the shape of the clumpsize. As far as I can see the pattern is always circular. Is it possible to change this? Or is there another way to get this effect?

Thanks for any help in advance!

ref_1.png (306.8 KB)
ref_2.png (260.3 KB)

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you can create a bunch of guide curves, then delete half of them, then into the clump node, you can plug all te guides into the first input and the half into the second input,
play with the number of deleted curves to get the look you desire.

(you should check check fabio hair system,)
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