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Hello everyone. I've been following this [www.youtube.com] (at 8:43 he begins talking about what I explain towards the end) Houdini tutorial on simulating an ocean with a boat moving through it. I've been more or less following it 1 to 1. So, here's the setup. I started with creating "big waves". This is just a flat grid that has been deformed using ocean spectrum. Next, I generated the flip fluid simulation that the boat is going to move through. The goal is to layer this flip simulation on top of the "big waves". The tutorial used point deform to match the flip sim to the deformation of the "big waves". Next, I animated the boat going through and over the deformed flip sim. Now, here's the problem, I'm trying to add collisions. The tutorial suggests that we inverse the point deform (use the rest mesh as the deformed mesh and the deformed mesh as the rest mesh) to deform the boat as it travels across the undeformed version of the flip sim. The idea is that when we then distort this new flat sim that has collisions, everything will line up. Whenever, I use point deform on my boat, it stretches and squeezes my boat too much for there to be any accurate collisions. What can I do? Any help would be appreciated! Here is a link [drive.google.com] to my hip file.

Animated Boat On Top of Deformed Sim

Deformed Boat on Top of Flat Sim. Notice the curved containers.

AnimatedOnTopofDeformedSim.png (570.5 KB)
DeformedCargoShipOnFlatSim.png (528.9 KB)

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