Original Chipmunk by Andriy Bilichenko


by Aleksandar Horak

A comprehensive introduction to the Fur Lookdev series, outlining the topics and objectives of the tutorials. Get a sneak peek into the exciting journey of fur creation and rendering.

Getting Started

Aleksandar goes over the included project directories, files and how to go about with HDRIs and how to use them in the Lookdev tool which he has kindly included.  Additionally, he points out available chapter-specific files and shows where and how to save out necessary caches before you begin.

Reference Gathering

1 | Photo Reference

Examining and gathering high-quality photo references to understand various fur types and natural variations. This foundational step ensures a solid understanding of natural fur.

2 | Melanin Research

An overview of melanin distribution in fur and its importance in determining realistic fur colors. Delve into the science behind fur pigmentation and its artistic application.

3 | Hair Structure

Exploring relevant research papers to gain scientific insights into fur and hair properties. Learn the intricacies of hair composition and how they influence fur appearance.

Look Development

4 | Melanin Node Setup

Creating and configuring a melanin node for accurate fur shading and coloration. Master this critical tool to achieve authentic color variation in fur.

5 | Fur Layer Node Setup

Establishing the fur layer node and adjusting shading properties for layered fur. Understand the layered approach for realistic depth and variation in fur shading.

6 | Fur Shading Properties

Utilizing the Karma renderer to define and tweak KarmaFur shading properties for realistic fur rendering. See how Karma's advanced features can elevate your fur lookdev.

Lookdev Tools

7 | Lookdev Tool Overview

Explore lighting setups for different conditions (sunny, overcast, TT) to achieve realistic fur illumination. Learn how to light fur optimally in any scene.

Scene Setup & Layout

8 | Scene Setup & Layout

Set up the scene layout with appropriate props and lighting to highlight the fur look development. Discover the essentials for creating a visually engaging fur showcase.

Rendering Properties

9 | Rendering Properties & Camera Setup

Configure rendering properties and camera settings for optimal fur rendering. Learn to fine-tune settings for the most realistic and efficient renders.

Grooming Techniques

10 | Grooming Fur

Adjusting grooming attributes like density, length, and width to achieve desired fur shapes and styles. Explore how grooming impacts the final look of your fur creation.

Advanced LookDev

11 | Melanin Value Adjustments

Modifying melanin values to create variations in fur coloration. Unlock new levels of realism with precise color adjustments.

Texture Creation

12 | Fur Pattern Textures

Creating pattern textures and percentage masks for fur variations. Craft unique fur patterns to enrich your lookdev project.

Advanced LookDEV

13 | Melanin Layering Using Textures

Using texture maps to control and layer melanin values for nuanced fur coloration. Blend scientific accuracy with artistic flair for stunning results.

Rendered Presentation

14 | Presentation Setup

Setting up the scene for a final presentation, including lighting and camera settings. Prepare your work for a professional-quality presentation.

15 | Presentation Renders

Final rendering of the fur lookdev in both turntables and still frames for a polished presentation. Showcase your fur mastery with beautiful, high-quality renders.