Describe your last trip outside

Covid 19 has brought about a period of great distress and uncertainty. As governments around the world impose restrictions on our movement, every trip out of your house carries risk. However, these brief excursions can also be precious and wonderful, giving you space to think and feel.

“Describe your last trip outside” is an art film made for Project Isolate at Whatstick Theatre. The project pairs artists with musicians, giving them 24 hours to make a film inspired by responses to a prompt sent in by members of the general public.

For more information on Project Isolate, including upcomming prompts and previous installations, go to

Producer: Georgia Brown
Music: Benjamin Marrington-Reeve
Visuals: Felix Marrington-Reeve & Quentin Corker-Marin

Special thanks to Benjamin Hawkyard

Audio responses provided by:
Bonnie Schwarz
Hebe PC
Edmund Phillips
Laura Dalby
Irene Issitt
Sophie Crawford
Mary Morris
Sophie Jade Procter
Christopher Kent
Katie Marriott
Nick Dalby
Jessica Dalby
Andy Smith


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