Impact Attribute

Extracting impact data is not one of the most straight forward thing you can get out of an RBD, specially when you want it as an attribute per object. After doing some research I came up with a relatively easy to apply solution.

This technique can be used for example to delete on collision or fracture, as you can see here I used it to change color and add some glow strobes at hit (with a bonus it fades over time), there is also an impact threshold to limit minor hits.
Rendered with Redshift, settings and lighting are already in the file.



My name is Alaa Al Nahlawi ( علاء النحلاوي ) from Syria with more than ten years of experience which spread over multiple graphic design fields, and I love what I do. I like to consider myself as a VFX TD, it turns out that setting things on fire or wreck them down is one of my hobbies, additionally I really enjoy solving problems. I mainly work with Houdini and 3ds max they are my bread and butter.

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