Lanes Of Love

Hey everyone. Today I bring you some diferent work " The Kiss " designed in Houdini and the figure from Reynante Martinez.
This abstract project speak about love. The lanes that are growing and
joining with the other person we love. And when they are together they can't be separated. Some people believe that love does not exist
but I believe that love is the little magic left in this world. Love are the invisile lanes.


Firstly, I was delete the parts of the figure that I not used. To continue I used node ¨ polyfill¨ for cover the parts the deleted parts. Then, I transformed the figure into points ¨scatter¨* on the on hand,
and the other side in ¨VDB's¨. I was used node ¨volumeVOP¨ for used ¨CurlNoise¨ that helps me to achieve abstract forms. At the final, I joined everything for use ¨DOPNetwork¨ and transformed in
¨trails¨ and for finish I was used node ¨polywire¨ for to get geometry on my particules trails.

I hope you like! Feel free for comment and suggest



Welcome to my website. I started with the world of 3D when I was study a grade of animation 3D, video games and interactive environments at Vic Univeristy [ TEKNÓS ] at 2014. When I was finished, I was started studying a Master of special effects and postproduction for cinema in FX Animation for three years. Actually, I'm working for MPC Film in Canada, Montreal

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