Multimedia interpretation of the Song of Songs

Song of Songs is a magnificent Bible poem about love! It tells a story of two who are in love with each other, praising the beauty of their beloved, who experience loss, longing, connection, and true unity all described in mysterious allegorically way, that can be interpreted at many levels.
One of the interpretation speaks about God's love to His church - us. What moved me the most in it is that God, who is Love, love us just as passionately, deeply and powerfully (and much more because who could describe it only in words!) as it is in the poem. And it's what my animation is about, showing this relationship from the perspective of human heart, being a soil for God's Word, who desire to love and be loved, to be like a tree fruitful with love. In other parts of animation I show different states of her heart and how God fights for love in her, to be alive again (which is symbolised by fire arising in her), on the final, how through Jesus Christ who is a gate to intimacy with God, she enters like a whole galaxy - symbolising Body of Christ - Church, made of many such souls filled with Life - Love.


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