Unreal - Houdini Procedural Set Dressing Plugin

Procedural and modular set dressing plugin for Unreal, that can send white boxing data to Houdini, execute Houdini projects, and import the output of Houdini project as static meshes into Unreal Engine 4. This plugin is developed for my project team as a part of my third year specialization in tools programming.

The plugin is designed to quickly artify a white boxed level. This allows the level designers to artify a level quickly and iterate over it, without the need of an artist, or hours of work by artifying it manually. It can execute any Houdini project using custom input and output nodes developed by myself. The tool is still in development, so not all assets can be generated yet, but in the end we will be able to artify the whole game with the use of this plugin.

The only work level designers have to do is set which asset type they want for each white box they place. After selection of these white boxes, they can be artified by the plugin, which will hide the white boxes after successful import. All imported meshes are modular, so that level designers and artists have full control over the imported assets. Imported meshes are also parented and grouped, so they can easily be transformed. The flexibility of this plugin, which allows assets to be imported in modules, is what makes the main difference with Houdini Engine.



I'm an aspiring game developer currently finishing my bachelor's degree, and specializing in tools programming.

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