Vex Wrangling : Part 1 Muscle Creator

Vex wrangling :
This is a demo of creating Muscle object which can be later use for rigging in Maya (for Ziva) , Voodoo or in Houdini.
The idea was to give a Rigger fast and Simple controls for creating muscle model rather than going back and forth in modeling. So Rigger can have full control over the shapes of object. This was inspired by watching one of the Matt Derksen Tutorial (at office).
My friend Jaidev had created similar tool in Maya. Earlier plan was to create this tool using Maya API ( by using costom nodes, deformer and Context tool) but than i fell in love with Houdini. The way it process the data is AWESOME. Majorly done using Attribute Wrangle (Vex) with very few inbuilt Houdini nodes.


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