Vex Wrangling 2 : Advance Feature of Muscle Creator
Back with my Muscle Creator tool. This time included some advance Feature like
1. UI Enhancement :
a. Different view of Muscle Object
b. User can define the projection direction by seeing visualizer.
c. Mirror Mode
2. Bias attribute for user to define the origin and insertion points of muscle at the same time maintaining the projection.
3. Creating 2 more HDA
a. Multi Object Collision (collision with rigid object) This will be very useful for removing penetration from skeleton objects.
c. Muscle to Muscle collision : As the name suggested will help to avoid penetration from 2 or more neighboring muscles.
Both these HDA can be plugged in the network whenever needed.
4. Time-lapse clip of creation of muscles for front Limb of the character.

VFX Artist


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