This year at ANNECY, SideFX is hosting a Houdini HIVE dedicated to KineFX Character Rigging and Animation. The new APEX toolset is explored as it brings procedural rigging workflows to Houdini. There is a lot to get excited about for riggers, animators and storytellers.

Impérial Palace
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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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2:00 PM CEST

Christopher Rutledge & Magnus Møller | Grin Machine | Tumblehead

3:45 PM CEST

Saša Budimir | Freelance

4:20 PM CEST

Cristin Barghiel  | SideFX

4:30 PM CEST

Warren Leathem  | SideFX


Thursday June 13 | 2:00 PM CEST
Turbulence | Animating a Short Film in Houdini  

 A behind the scenes look at Turbulence, a short film made using Houdini's character rigging and animation tools.  This includes KineFX's new APEX rigging tools and other new features coming soon in Houdini 20.5.

Christopher Rutledge is a CG Artist, Director, and co-founder of creative studio "Grin Machine." He has shown short films at Annecy, Sundance, Ottawa, Glas, Pictoplasma, among other festivals. More than anything he loves to make floppy CG characters.  

Magnus Møller is co-founder of Tumblehead based in Viborg, Denmark. He has a love for cartoony design and animation, He specializes in 3D look development and Art Direction, as well as rigging. He's an alumni and guest teacher at The Animation Workshop in Viborg. 

Thursday June 13 | 3:45 PM CEST
Appealing Character Motion with Minimal Effort 

Turning silly ideas into short animations is always fun. We'll take a couple of cute characters as an example and see how the procedural nature of Houdini can help us get an appealing motion based on rudimentary keyframed input. We'll walk through every segment from the initial idea to the final render, utilizing tools like KineFX, ragdoll, Vellum, hair/fur, and Karma. These seemingly silly creative outlets can be great for experimenting with new things and techniques, whether to satisfy curiosity or as a valuable experience applicable to your next gig.

Saša Budimir is a freelance 3D artist/animator from Zagreb, Croatia with over 20 years of experience. During that period, he has worn many hats and has worked on numerous commercials, short animated films, and festival/TV/film openers. His great passion is making things that move around, especially in the form of quirky characters, while exploring different visual and animation styles. He can easily be distracted by being pointed towards the nearest pinball machine.

Thursday June 13 | 4:20 PM CEST
Houdini's Character Roadmap

Houdini is getting a wealth of new character animation, rigging and CFX tools. From the new KineFX rigging and animation toolset powered by APEX and CFX tools such as muscles, cloth, hair, fur and feathers, Houdini offers artists a growing list of dedicated character creation workflows. Learn about the progress SideFX has made over the last couple of releases and take a peek into the roadmap to learn where things are headed. 

Cristin Barghiel is the VP of Product Development at SideFX where he has worked for over 30 years. He started as one of the original architects and developers of Houdini. Currently, Cristin is in charge of the product direction, which involves working with customers and industry partners to increase productivity through innovation. Still very much a software guy at heart, Cristin works with a great team of SideFX developers, TD's and artists to make all of this happen.

Thursday June 13 | 4:30 PM CEST
Sneak Peek | Character Animation in Houdini 20.5 

Learn all about new character animation features in the upcoming Houdini 20.5. Explore  tools and workflows that extend the capabilities introduced in Houdini 20. KineFX rigs created with APEX can now be animated faster and more efficiently, including the integration of dynamic solvers such as Rag Doll. 

Warren Leathem is a Senior Animator on the character team at SideFX. Prior to joining SideFX in 2021, he spent over 20 years as an Animator, Animation Lead and Animation Supervisor in the film and TV industry, focused almost entirely on character animation. Having worked at studios such as MPC, Weta Digital, and Animal Logic, he brings that experience to focus not only on animators doing amazing work, but also on how animation fits into the overall production environment and workflows.